Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is not an important post anyway lol, but currently I was working on a bunch of these things with a lil of beads later as finishing...

Frankly speaking, I can not wait to have all of them wrapped, so I can move on to another project, as the design keep flowing through my head...

Well, can you guess what it is? The picture was taking last night with a cell cam, so do not complain about the quality hahaha...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Or Threw?

As I opened my closet this morning, just realized... That whether I need a new closet, or just throw away half of my stuff... Gees, I already throw quarter of them lol... But it looks too full anyway...

Been a while since my last post... I know, but I'll always be back somehow ;p

If some of you have the same kind of problem with me here, I think this is what I'll do if I decide to throw some of them...

1. Surely will keep the subtile & wearable items that easily to mix and match with!

2. Will only keep the one that I used the most to be displayed here, some other that I didn't use much... Eeerr maybe I'll just put it in other part of the closet :p

3. And last, I just put the one that I'm going to throw away in a plastic box, well... for now, until I decide who to give... hahahaha...

This is not an important post, so you can ignore anyway lol, just getting my way back here... And will be crawling for another post, I hope soon enough :p

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Accessoria Project

Hi, I’m back, but only for a while (again?? Huufff lol), and you just will have to forgive me for that, really lol ;)

As mention in my post earlier, my hands were quite busy with something lately, and to be frankly, it still is now, butttttttttttttt, well, I have to post somehow. Some of you had writing to me and asked about my Pinocchio project… I know I know… it’s been quite long since I posted my plan, and now I know atleast I’m not the only one who fond of Pinocchio lol… but hey can not make it just yet, really, and terrible sorry, and uh anyway, the top I plan 2 wear for my Pinocchio project is gone… damn, I think I mistakenly give it away to someone else lol (haiizzz how can I forget that I wanna wear the top for my project lol)… well, just have to make another one then… :p

Some of you might questioned, why I suddenly gone just that, no post in here, or in the fashion social site and bla bla bla… hey, psssttt but this is a secret (secret?? But wrote in blog? Hahahahaha), I was quite busy handling the Accessoria project now. 

What’s Accessoria? Well, if you wanna know more about Accessoria you can just click the facebook fanpage in the right bar of my page, or just simply go to to find more about Accessoria. Fashionbulbs is a personal fashion blog, and let’s keep it that way, shall we??

However, since my business is now mostly tangled with Accessoria, I will have to tell you why I’ve been gone for quite long. I was busy with the research for the Accessoria, what kind of research?? Well, as you know, in all kind of business, costumer feedback is really a valuable input right? It goes the same for me…

I try my best to pay attention to the customer feedback, when they said, the metal material durability is not lasting enough, I conduct a research to make a special liquid to make it durable, while doing the research my hands been burnt (trust me its painful lol), been tortured with all those chemical material that accidentally got poured to my hands and get bonds or harden there in seconds anddddd my hands look like a hundred years old back then lol (trust me I don’t know how it’s happened) maybe some of you out there would asking why doesn't she wearing gloves when she work with chemical? I have a simple answer, I need to know the hands feel for the formula to make the best of  it! But hey, enough with that, thank’s God everything is normal now, but what best is, that finally I came up with the best result and formula for the metal material durability which is definitely save, non-toxic, and anti allergenic… well, at least my hands didn’t get tortured for nothing right?? lol…

In another time, the customer said, the shininess of the crystals that you’re using is fading away if I washed my hands with the bracelet many times, somehow the water reduce it’s shininess. Well, if you’re didn’t really care about it, and all you ever care about is selling and selling… you just said don’t wear the bracelet while you wash your hands then because that’s the best imported crystal that we could get from our supplier, end of the story, lol! But I just can’t do that, can I? You see, I’m my self is very fond of accessories, a durable one. I think the more durable is the better… why?? If someday, I get bored of it (but still fond of it), I just can give it to someone else with a good condition instead of giving with poor condition or just throw it away on my garbage. Anyway, in this too, I’ve been conducting a research, and now, I can say proudly, no matter how many times our crystal material been washed together with your hand under the water, the shininess will stay there with you, we do the crystal inhouse… parapapapaaaappp… it wont go anywhere… it stays thereeee mwaahhh… yaayyyyyy! :D

And then again in another time our beloved customer said, the syntetic pearls that you’re using is not durable enough even though it is an imported stuff, well, then we just talk to our suppliers to give us a better material for pearls (since we cannot do it inhouse), and they did, even though it means we will have to pay 10 to 12 times more than what we used to pay… lol… but again, I put my satisfaction of the product beyond the customer, as I said I’m very fond of durable accessories.

They said, always took longer times, and always need more amount of money if you hear the customer feed back, yes it is, it's so damn true… but it’s all just nothing if you’re doing a handmade project that you’re passionate and in love with, don’t you think?? 

I guess that's all for now, I will have to run to my work again, lol, but I'll be back to post you some picture but incase you're impatience you can see the picture also in the fashionbulbs here, but surely more to comes *winking*... heuheuheuheu... Cheers! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello, I'm Back!

Hello, I'm back, I know I know, I've been gone for almost two months, been away from lookbook just the same lol, but I was tangled up with some works that I can not ran off. Anyway I will tell you about all the activities later on another story, again I must tangled up with something now haha...

Ah ya, I will have to tell you that the Accessoria Killer Neclace Give Away Contest was closed, and the winner by now I'm sure already got the necklace ;), but will start another contest soon, so please do stay tune!

I'll be back again A.S.A.P of course, you've got my pinky promise hehehehe, mean while, have a great weekend everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Accessoria Necklace Give Away

  Hi there, are you landed here for Accessoria Killer Necklace Give away?? I know, I know, I'm quite late in posting this, my hands tangled with something else lately and can not avoid it, but anyway, I had something to admitted to all of you... psssttttt... I'm actually addicted to accessories hahahahaha... and I bet you're already know :)))


-This is the picture of the necklace that I'm going to give away-

Okay, to make it short -after the wait of course, which is I can assured you, that's it's worthed- let's just start with this first, to be eligible for this contest, you MUST have either Lookbook, Facebook or Twitter account plus you also MUST have your own blog (fashion blog preferable of course, but if you don't have just a general blog will be fine).  

This is what I want you to do, proposed a look (more than one is ok) that you're planning to be completed by the necklace to this address tittled I WANT ACCESSORIA KILLER NECKLACE ON MY LOOKS (please do not change the subject because I'll make a filter on my gmail). Trust me, I have a thousand idea for styling with the necklace hehehe, so you need to surprise me!! Go ahead, be bold, be out of the box, be you, be anything that you think will make a different, the point is, surprise me, as I always said I love creative and even crazy peeps, and very fond of them.

The entry date for this contest is December 15th, 2011 and it will end at January 15th, 2012... so you will have enough time (a month) to come up with the best ideas to surprise me ;). I will return to you with the next step, later on, meanwhile, thank you for participating, and GOOD LUCK!! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Man Behind My Poses

Damn, I need a catharsis on what I'm doing at the moment, man, it's HARD lol, I don't even know am I going to laugh or complain about it, but between this two things, I choose to LOL every time hihihihihi. What can I say, when you're order to do things that even you know you're quite well doing but not actually fond of it but somehow felt great that you're actually helpful on doing, well???? hahaha!! But anyway, I decided to get back on my blog, just to release some tensions by writing, and save my day and my mood before back to those work again :)))... I just can not bear thinking this person I'm helping, doing all the work himself now that I already saw how he done it... that's all that matter most hehehehe... :)

Ah... been days I forget something important though, some of you might already know, that I really am a backstage people, and I don't enjoying making poses at all, oh yeah, to be frankly, I felt silly every time I did, I'm just not so in to poses and poses is just not my thing lol...

Now, anyway, the truth is I'm a shy personality (Eeeehhh, SHY??? hahahah :p), I said SORT OF, especially when it comes to poses lol... what I know is, I won't feel comfort if I had to do poses in front of someone that I didn't know well... been like that all my life hihihihi, so I want to introduce, the man behind most of my poses in this blog...

 This, the picture of my youngest little brother, named Subkhan... now, he's working as reporter for one of the major printed media group in Indonesia, and I'm very proud of him because he choose that field among others offer that came to him even with bigger salary and benefits.

 I took this picture, during our family vacation time, where I challenged him to climb to this tree that they're actually using for flying foxes to do a pose. He got there though, and saying, damn, sis, it's HIGH...!! And I just grinning, told him to do a pose and just took the picture. Eemm, I actually told him to stand there, but he was saying like, 
" What are you trying to do?? kill me???" hahahahahahahahahaha!!!


So what actually we done for my poses is this, on every weekend, when we both have spare time, I asked him to took several look & poses of me of course. Some of the poses are well thought by mean I already have a concept on my mind before doing, with the props and everything, and he will just listen to my directions (the well thought is my favorite part hehehe)... and some other look just done by sudden because actually we both didn't have much time to do it conceptually... 

When we done it this way... when I did my pose, he will, actually asking sort of question like... Are you sure you wanna do that?? Don't you think it's flirtly?? Eh it's doesn't look like you at all?? I wish you can show  a little of your boobs on that poses, it will look better... and I was like saying, what?? you want me to slap you for your wish haaaaa??? and we just laugh and grinning... we both know, the challenge is always on what I choose to wear that had given me restrictions on what can be done and not... And you know what?? That's exactly where the fun part is... so I guess this post is for him... thank you so much, couldn't done it without you, mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinocchio, Oh Maybe Finocchio Hahahaha!!!

Hmm, I've been planning for doing style for Pinocchio look about a week by now, but since my hands were tangled with something else that ordered to be done as soon as possible *fiuuhhh could be a month or two*, I can not work on it, even for a bit, huhuhuhu...

Ah, who didn't know Pinocchio?? I guess nobody... you all, must noticed that he's a fiction character created by Carlo Collodi, an Italian known as children book writer from Italy.

The picture above is the original old version of how Pinocchio look by Enrico Mazzanti -an Italian man of course- that I found on wiki. Since I was a kid, I love to read the story about this wooden boy, later when they made a movie about him (The Disney's), I was always amaze on how his nose grow longer every time he tells lies and I cried every time he got swallowed by a whale, no matter how many time I watched the movie. (Hey don't laugh at me for being amaze & crying, I was just a kid hahahahaha).

While, below are the pictures of famous version Pinocchio of Disney, that I'm sure all of us familiar with, and the long nose of course, always being my favorite part. I'm actually planning to do this 3 styles of Pinocchio.

-Walking and singing happily-

 -His surprised face just as he seen his nose get longer, means that every body knows about his lies hihihihi- 

- His "oh well" face when Jiminy, he's very own best friend angry at him because of lie all the times, one lie brought you to another isn't?? Oh well, shit happens in life :)))-

The difficulty is (of course huffff!!) on making his longer nose, since I don't have a long nose lol, but frankly speaking I haven't make any decision whether I'm going to do the styling with the nose or not, because  I'm actually not making a costume play here. I'm just going to translate Pinocchio just as Pipi The Long Stocking, but again another big challenge is he's a boy, and I'm a woman, with boobs too (hahahaha!!). Am I going to make pretty Pinocchio or Fashionable Pinocchio on my lost translation, we just will have to see, my mind not made up yet... 

Anyway, I'm planning to make a tribute for this styling for someone I nicknamed as Pinocchio haha, but to keep honor the real character of Pinocchio, let's just from now on we called this person as Finocchio hehehehe... this person just happened to be a version of Pinocchio I found alive :)))

And ah, you know what?? Just noticed, the old picture version of Pinochhio by Enrico Mazzanti is had quite similar physically characteristics to the person I refers to *big grinning*. So, it's gonna be a hard decision, whether I'm going to do the old version of Pinocchio or the Disney's one :))), whatever it is, hopefully have enough time could do it soon... fashion could be fun and playful as always... as always... ;)